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Frequently Asked Questions

We are at your disposal at any time to answer all your questions

Where is the RWB Festival held?

"Royal Wine Ball - Demir Kapija" Festival is held in Demir Kapija, at the Town Square that we called Royal Wine Town, especially made for this festival.

Demir Kapija is a small town located in the southeastern part of Republic of North Macedonia and the Town Square is the center of life in Demir Kapija and there is always something going on. From the local markets to the cafes and restaurants, there is a vibrant atmosphere that is contagious. 


How much does it cost to enter the festival?

The entry to the festival is free of charge. 


How can I become a volunteer at the festival?

You can become a volunteer by filling out the registration form published at the section RWB Event - Registration.


How can we become participants?

You can reach us through an e-mail or on the phone so we can discuss all the details and ways of becoming a participant at the festival.

Image by John Murzaku

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