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Lazar Petrov

Mayor of the Municipality of Demir Kapija

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We express our special gratitude to the mayor of the Municipality of Demir Kapija, Mr. Lazar Petrov, who greatly supports our story and cooperates with us for the successful realization of the festival.

A man born in Demir Kapija and wholeheartedly does everything for the good of this town.

With extensive experience in the field of the wine industry, he positively received our idea of organizing the first international wine festival in Demir Kapija and together we will succeed in improving wine tourism and offering a great new tourist product.

Demir Kapija is a small town in Republic of North Macedonia that is full of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Nestled in the Demir Kapija Gorge, the area is known for its cactus valley, warm pools, and plenty of sports and adrenaline activities.

A place of royal grandeur, Demir Kapija offers visitors a variety of opportunities to explore and enjoy its beauty. With the possibility of developing all kinds of tourism, the town is also home to one of the first Museums of Wine in Europe.

Come and explore the beauty of Demir Kapija and experience a unique wine-tasting journey.

Interesting facts about Demir Kapija

Turkish name

Ime 2.png

Demir Kapija means Iron Gate

More then 200 species

of trees and plants

Black walnut and Maple are the most famous, some more then 500 years old. There are two localities declared Monuments of nature

More then 100

archaeological sites

... and more are yet to be discovered

10 beautiful waterfalls

The highest one is 35 m

Pestera bela.png

13 Caves

„Bela Voda“ is one of the longest caves in North Macedonia

Demir Kapija Gorge

19 km long, declared a Cultural Monument, there are more then 400 routes for rock climbing

Museum of wine

One of the first of this kind

in Europe

Cactus Valley

A unique valley full of naturally sprouted cacti

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219 Bird Species

Тhe richest region in Europe with rare bird species, 8 of them are worldwide threatened species

Natural climate border

Demir Kapija Gorge is the natural border for two climates - Continental and Mediterranean

Warm pools

Around 14 natural pools made of rocks, perfect for swimming in summer

German tunnel

from World War I

Built in 1916 by German soldiers in just 2 months

Contact the Municipality


Str. Marshal Tito, no. 15B

1442 Demir Kapija, Republic of North Macedonia


+389 (0)43 366 212 



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Image by John Murzaku

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